Monday, May 30, 2005

Google Toolbar PR Meter Gray Across The Web

Since late last week, Google's toolbar has been grey.

It would be a good thing for the Internet to leave it that way. Here's two quick observations why, but I'll probably write a longer piece later:

1) Fight spam: It will hopefully cut down on the number of sites which claim high PR page, and just waste everyone's time, including Google's. How many 100's of link spam less would I like to see each day? hmmmmmmm???

2) Stop people from trading links basing on their speculation of which site is an authority site, and trying to link to and from it. Get people concentrating on relevant links. Teoma's system of Subject Specificity in links is stronger anyhow. Links all count for something, but the right links get you into the right neighborhood. Now Teoma's system isn't foolproof. Metamend ranks #1 in Teoma (at least from whereI'm searching) for "web site optimization", but not in the top 200 for "search engine optimization", or "seo service" Yet, we're an SEO service, a search engine optimization company, and a web site optimization service. Just an "ism" I guess. No system is foolproof.

I did see a note somewhere that PageRank (PR) is available in the Google Directory - I'm flying around, and can't verify that data. I also saw a note that Google's started a major index rebuild - I would say this is likely as I've ssen lots of movement in the last few days. Could be that It'll be updated and live once the update is done - no more groaning from people who wonder why they have a PR 7, and rank below PR 3's.

More later....