Monday, May 30, 2005

Why smart companies don't use corporate weblogs :: AO

I saw an article on Robert Scoble's blog earlier that led me to this bit of nonsense. It's an article from a fellow trying to sell us on 'blogworking' since "smart companies don't use corporate weblogs" and "Public weblogs have very low accountability, and they return no information or insight back to the author about their audience." Lastly, the author - Jesse Taylor, claims that "smart companies will continue to avoid traditional weblog publishing, while at the same time, smart companies will to continue to see the financial and customer relations incentives offered by true blogworking."

His premise really seems to be that blogs are not interactive enough, and don't allow for enough 'conversation' Ok, perhaps that is somewhat true. But you'll have a very hard time convincing me entirely of this. First off: I get a few, and very few comments on my blog -- I started it more a search engine marketing experiment - heck I've never even moved it into our site, but I think I will soon -- but most of the comments I do get are emailed directly to me, and not through the site. I've had interesting conversations with individuals based on comments or articles I've posted. I've gotten all sorts of feedback, and I've learned. No one else participated in that conversation, but the blog is not designed for that purpose! If I wanted a discussion, I'd open a discussion board. That's where Jesse Taylor's comments are more applicable. Social blogworking can be the new discussion board / forum format. It makes sense there.

I know lots of companies that use blogs, and use them well. The people who get the feedback are the authors who had the original thought. They should be the ones getting the feedback. They don't want someone else responding to a question about their article, becuase the correct thought is likely not in that person's head. If I had one of our staff answer comments to my blog, or to a presentation I did, etc... they would come to me and ask me "so what did you mean here, when you said XYZ?" Who would benefit there? No one.

Social Blogworking is real. It's smart. It has it's place. Just like blogs.

here's the original article.