Friday, June 03, 2005

Google tests tool to aid Web indexing - Sitemaps

Google launched a free tool called Sitemaps in Beta yesterday. Simply put, it helps web site operators create a sitemap for their site. It's probably quite simple code. We built such a tool back in 2000 as part of our SEO software tool.

What I did like is that Google confirmed that Site Maps are important. Many SEO's and SEM's have long argues that they have no value, or are only useful in poorly designed sites. We've always found that to be untrue. We build sitemaps for every client we have, just as a safety measure to ensure ALL content is properly reviewed.

Google's tool does not affect rankings. No sitemap does. It simply ensures that all the content is indexed. Our client sites tend to get all their relevant content in the engines. Sitemaps help ensure this. It's a smart move on the part of Google - It helps them ensure that they get into every nook and cranny within a site, and helps them get around some of the issues they have with sites that have Flash or dynamic navigation.

On that note, I bet we'll see many webmasters link to the SiteMap using a dynamic link...