Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Internet Stock Blog: Hussman: Google worth less than $40 per share (GOOG)

Saw a note about this on Greg Sterling's blog. We were to chat this afternoon about a new technology we've developed, but I had to bail.

There's tons of speculation about 'is Google really worth $300.00 / share?' Well, it's worth whatever someone will pay for it, and right now that's ~$300.00 / share.

Can they sustain that value long term? I don't know, my crystal ball is cracked, and my ouija board burst into flames last time I used it.

My bet is that the people at Google will take a page out of MS's pagebook, and buy up lots of good technology which will help them expand their offerings, and continue to grow their revenues. Whether that means they will manage to keep their stock price up or not is a different question.