Friday, June 10, 2005

The Kelsey Group - Pay for Call Success

Interesting short note by Greg Sterling. "(...) in the article the interviewee sees pay-per-call as something of an “antidote” to click fraud." I had never really thought of pay per call that way. It's true, but I doubt it was thought up that way in the first plce.

Pay per Click is wrought with fraud. The search engines all know it. Yahoo, Kanoodle and Microsoft have all commented frequently on it, and are all quite vocal about finding ways to eliminate it, or at least to minimize it's impact on advertisers. Google faces the larger challenge, as revenue from pay per click advertising is ~97% of its total revenues. Obviously, Microsoft and Yahoo both have a vested interest in making this an issue. Yahoo is less dependent on PPC than Google. Somewhat. But they know that the damage to Google will be greater than to themselves if PPC fraud is ever truly controlled. Microsoft on the other hand wouldn't really notice if PPC went away tomorrow. But they would notice a lot of competitors gone.

If I were MS, I would be looking at tools to reign in click fraud. They would look like hero's to the business community, and possibly wipe out their biggest online competitor in one feel swoop.