Friday, June 10, 2005

Not an SEO post -

Ok, this has nothing to do with SEO. But it's very funny. Readers in Canada will get it.

Here's the scoop. Frank Stronach is a long time Liberal (Canadian political party), he's the head of Magna, which supplies auto parts into almost every vehicle manufactured world wide, and has earned him well over a Billion dollars. His daughter Belinda became CEO in her mid 30's and then 2 years ago decided to get into politics. Seeing an opportunity, she ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party, and lost. She hasn't got along well with various other party officials, except the Deputy Leader, Peter MacKasy, who became her boyfriend sometime in 2004.

About 2 weeks ago, Belinda Stronach crossed the floor, and joined both the Liberal Party, and the cabinet.

Anyhow, the more I listen to this, the funnier it becomes....