Friday, July 08, 2005

German court convicts Sasser worm creator

A 21 month suspended sentence, about 1 year after unleashing the Sasser Virus on the world.

Proscecuters had been seeking a two year sentence.

I don't think that the term - 21 months - will shock anyone. That's 639 days. The surprising thing is he essentially got 639 days of good behaviour: For the next 639 days he must not be a bad boy! Wow, that's really strong discipline. I'm sure it will deter others from following his lead.

As to why he did it? Apparently, he's admitted everything in court - he wanted to be famous.

So he got his wish, a couple of times over. He's famous for creating the Sasser worm - I would say infamous, but some boneheaded firm will undoubtably hire him because they think he must be good. - He's also famous for getting exposed, tried, and getting away with it.

Too bad all of the companies which lost productivity to his quest are unable to sue for compensation. He might not be able to pay the costs, but having that precedent set might deter some other publicity seeker in the future.