Monday, July 18, 2005

Jude Law apologizes for affair with nanny

What's wrong with the world when:

a) An entertainer feels a need to publicly apologize for a personal indescretion?
b) The item itself is considered newsworthy?

A lot.

I know gossip pages exist, and some people make a living off reporting "The dirt ma'am, just the dirt" But top page news in multiple countries? Give me a break!

CTV - Canada

When Michael Jackson was being tried, I understand it was newsworthy. It would have been reported had it been John Smith. The fact that it was a high profile entertainer was accused of one of the most heinous acts meant that it was news everywhere. But where is the line? Is it that the line no longer exists? I wonder.

It's a shame that Mr. Law feels a need to publicize his indesrection. It makes it hard for entertainers to request 'private time' when they work so hard to make everything else known.

It's worse that we, the public, buy into their media machines, and even care about what's going on in their lives. Must be something missing from our own lives if we have the time to worry about theirs.