Wednesday, July 06, 2005

LIVE 8 - Did you Get It?

I think many of us have missed the point of the Live 8 event. Many of us focus too much on the immediate parts - the wonderful music, and the meetings this week. In case you missed the broadcast, here's the parts you need to see:

1) 1985 Live Aid Video
2) Bob Geldof Introduces Birhan Woldu

They really run should be posted as one video - I'm not sure why they were not. That's the part my son watched. He watched it, and he got it. He's 6.

The music was great, but as great as it was, it should only be an excuse to reflect on what we really can do - not necessarily for Africa, but for anything we believe in. Throwing money at problems may not be the answer, but it can fix short term problems. Caring enough to do something meaningful about a problem will matter.

In case you're wondering, the music was great. I really enjoyed the performances by The Who, Robbie Williams, Dido, Barenaked Ladies, and REM. Although I don't get Michael Stipe's makeup.

Anyhow - I know my posts of late have not had much of anything to do with search engines, or search engine optimization. A little while ago, I found I wanted to post about more than just search engine related stuff. I also felt that the s.e. related works should really be housed on the Metamend site - it makes more sense there. So, we're actually setting up an internal blog on the Metamend site. So, between all that and being away on a short vacation and lots of business opportunities, I've really not kept up on the SEO posts. This blog will remain active, but will be more of a general commentary, sometimes philosophical and political in nature. The new blog, which I will point to, and post about search engine related issues much more consistently will allow me to segregate my thoughts into two distinct silos. Hopefully that will make both blogs more useful for any readers.