Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rocky Mountain Homes for Sale, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Welcome to Mountain Homes

I've been going up to the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort for fantastic dry powder skiing for a few years now. We're fortunate enough to have a couple of condos in the family, because of all the places I've ski'ed - Whistler, Tremblant, Switzerland, Vermont, New York, Banff, Lake Louise, etc... this is one of the nicest.

Located just outside Golden B.C. the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Ski Village (KHMR) is nestled high above the valley. The views are gorgeous, and it's extremely private.

Anyhow, property is at a premium up there - I know people who have been on wait lists for over 2 years, and the list just keeps growing. These two spots came available, and thought I would share them with anyone who was interested. Based on what's been going on in the rest of the resort, they make for a great investment.

KHMR features the best skiing I've enjoyed in years - my son loves going there for a week each year, and playing in the snow!